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Aboutthis site...
Hello fromDuane! 
My name is Duane Edward Loftus. I am originally fromthe state of Arizona andI've lived all over the U.S.A. and a few other countries. I'mmarried to the wonderful Debbie and have the twogreatest children on earth, Dana Rene Loftus and Patrick Francis Edward Loftus. Myfather was Edward G. Loftusand my mother was Mona Lou Allen (Loftus). I have one brother, Charles Allen Loftus whoresides in Arizona and is married to the lovely Becky. Their son isCharles Allen Loftus, Jr.

I am not a genealogist (did I spell that right?) but Ican publish here what you have gathered to share with others. Thanksfor stopping by - keep coming back and hopefully ... contributing!
Hello fromTom!  
My name is Tom Loftus from Glasgow,Scotland. My parents Joseph John Loftusand Mary Bridget Lynotthad 3 children, myself, sister Mary and brother Joe. Like myself, Joestill lives in Glasgow, Scotland though Mary now lives in SouthernUtah. Our parents have both passed on now though we still have a fewolder relatives on my fathers side to help with family history.

Apparently, we have a couple of distant relatives that made their namein Holywood...Mhari and Cecile Loftus. Doesanyone have any further information on them? This could be anothersection on LoftusWeb...famous Loftus's! Let me know what you think.

Like Duane, I am not a genealogist but hopeto carry on the excellent work he has started. Please send anyinformation on the Loftus family. The more information we receive, themore we can help trace our roots.
Pleasebrowse this site and feel free to emailme any information you have. I'll add it to this site, and somewhere,sometime ... we may find some connections.
Thissite will always be growing, so keep coming back and adding to it.