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Bob J. Loftus


I am looking for a Bob J Loftus who would be about 45 years old now who lived in Des Moines, Iowa when I knew him which would have been around 1988. I think he has sinced moved a few times and maybe lived in Illinois and possibly even Indiana. I would really like to try and find him if possible. Every time I have tried looking for him it comes to a dead end - he no longer lives there. If you have any information on him or if anyone does please email me and let me know. Thank you so much. You can email me at:

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S. Wallace Gilbert - Adam Loftus


My connection is to Adam Loftus (1533-1605), the first provost of Trinity College in Dublin. I saw the painting of Adam Loftus at Trinity College and also saw his name engraved on a wall. Unfortunately, I can't remember if Adam Loftus' name was in the cathedral in Dublin or somewhere in a building at Trinity College in Dublin. Maybe someone reading this will know the answer.

My connection to Adam Loftus of 1535-1605 is as follows. . . . . Adam Loftus married Jane Purdon. His son, Sir Dudley Loftus, had a son named Sir Adam Loftus. The daughter of Sir Adam Loftus, Letitia Loftus, married Richard Parsons. Their daughter, Elizabeth Parsons, married Thomas Worsop. Their daughter, Elizabeth Worsop (born 11/15/1656 in Middlesex, England), married John Woods II. Their daughter, Elizabeth Woods, (born circa 1682;died circa 1745 in Virginia) married Peter Wallace, Sr. in 1705 (Peter Wallace, Sr. was born circa 1680 in Scotland; died before 1724 in Northern Ireland). The son of Peter Wallace, Sr. was Peter Wallace Jr, (born in 1719; died in Rockbridge County, Virginia in 1739)married Martha Woods in 1744. Their son, Samuel Wallace (born in 1745 in Virginia;died in 1786 in Virginia, and was a Captain in the Revolutionary War), married Rebekah Anderson in 1770. Their son, Anderson Wallace (born in 1786 after his father's death; died before 11/1818 in Rockbridge County, Virginia), married Mary ("Polly") Galbraith on 3/30/1809.

Their daughter, Susan Wallace (born 6/22/1817 and died 4/26/1878 in Spencer County, Kentucky) became the third wife of Samuel Gilbert on 7/11/1853. Samuel Gilbert (b. 2/15/1804; died12/7/1876) was a farmer and a miller. The son of Samuel Gilbert and Susan Wallace was John M. Gilbert (b. 8/9/1859; died11/3/1918 in Glendale, Arizona). John M. Gilbert married Florence "Dixie" Morris on 2/4/1885 in Henry County, Kentucky (near Louisville & Shelbyville, Kentucky). They had 5 sons. My grandfather, Shelley Wallace Gilbert (Sr.) was one of those boys. My father, was the son of Shelley Wallace Gilbert (Sr).

Karen Gilbert Rock

Birmingham, Michigan

Martin Loftus


(Mayo, Ireland)

Hi I am first generation Loftus-my father was Thomas Patrick Loftus from Thornhill, Kiltimagh, County Mayo. His ggd was Martin Loftus from Cuillaun near Swinford in County Mayo who married a Mary Joyce from Pulnabrone (Thornhill), Kiltimagh. There were Loftuses farming in the Cuillan area in the early 1800's. Would like to hear from other Loftuses who had ancestors from this area.

Kathleen Loftus Thayer


Ferdinand Loftus


(South Africa)

Hello can you perhaps help me. I wonder if you have any trace of a Ferdinand Loftus in South Africa. He married my maternal great great grandmother and they lived in Kwas Zulu Natal. Her name as Margarethe Leisenberg (born Rosenbrock). She married him from Hermannsburg in KZN I believe and she died in child birth giving birth to twin boys who I understand survived. I cannot find any further trace of Ferdinand Loftus.

This was in the late 1800s I would love to find out more.




Bridget Loftus



Hello, my great great grandmother was Bridget Loftus. According to family history, she was born in County Sligo in 1836. Her marriage certificate says her father was called William and that he was a farmer. Sometime before July 1853 she emigrated from Ireland to County Durham in England (I assume because of the famine). There she married James Johnson in St. Mary's Chapel, Sunderland. The couple soon after settled in Ludworth/Thornley, County Durham and had two children, Mary and William. In 1860, the family emigrated to the United States, settling in Gallatin County, Illinois, where James worked as a coalminer.

I've believe that Bridget had two male relatives also living in the UK, John born 1832 and Anthony born 1831. They appears in the 1851 UK census living on the same street that Bridget lived on in Sunderland when she married James Johnson. Anthony was a witness to Bridget's daughter's baptism in Thornley in 1854. And John appears on the 1870 US census, living with Bridget and James in Gallatin, Illinois.

If any of this matches with your family history, please get in touch.

Also, there is a posting on the website about Patrick Loftus, made by "Enid" on 12/4/05 which makes reference to Sunderland and Ludworth so I'd be interested in getting in touch with her.

Clare Spindler



Martin Loftus


I am trying to find information on a Martin Loftus born approx. 1843-1848 in Ireland. He died in St. Louis Sept. 1898 and was married to a Winneford Gallaher. They had two daughters Winneford and Mary. I believe he had a brother Fergat married to an Anna Egan. They had a daughter named Bridget. Any help you could give would be greatly appreciated. I can only find him in the 1880 census in St. Louis, Mo.


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