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The Loftus Crest
Loftus Crest
Mandy Pemberton (Australia) sent this Crest she received from her cousin in Sydney. It was offered to her by another person who had done research in the past. The signature at the bottom is "NSA Layton 1982" which appears to be the artist. The motto at the top is "Loyal Au Mort (Latin for Loyal to Death) and the motto at the bottom is in French, yet the Irish Shamrock is prevalent in the artwork. Has anyone seen this crest before?
Loftus Crest II

Trying to find the Loftus Crest. All searches on heraldry through www want financial commitment, site unseen. Anybody out there with an image of the Loftus crest? Thanks, enjoy this web site, and am working on my own family members to submit soon.

John Loftus, USA

Loftus Crest III

I too am a Loftus, Darrin Loftus of Portland Oregon

Looking at the crest in the Tidbits page of your web site, I saw I have the same crest with the following on it:

Arms: Sable a chevron ermine between three trefoils slipped argent
Crest: A boar's head erect and erased argent, armed or langued rules.
Motto: Loyal a mort - Loyal to death

This is the part the I don't understand
Ref: Bga p618

Hope it helps

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Loftus Crest Plaque

I have no picture available, but my Aunt Mary Rita (who died last November) had a plaque with the Loftus crest on it. It is very similar to the crest described by James Loftus from Albuquerque except that the trefoils were simple crosses. The scalloped chevron was blank. By the way "Loyal Au Mort" means "Loyal to the Death" in French, so the crest may have a Norman origin.

Yours truly,
Jim Loftus
Loftus Crest Plaque
Hi, Duane.

We have a plaque with the Loftus crest, just couldn't put a picture of it on the WWW. The one that Mandy Pemberton sent you is very close to the one we have. We have a description of it:

ARMS: Sable a chevron ermine between three trefoils slipped argent. (The chevron has three clovers on it, it is black with the clovers in white)
CREST: A boar's head erect and erased argent armed or, langued gules. (There is a knights head in armor with a boars head erect [snout is pointing skyward])
MOTTO: Loyal Au Mort (Loyal to Death, Latin)

I've had this crest for about 26 years. A friend of mine brought to me directly from Ireland.

Courtesty James Loftus and the Albuquerque Cousin Contigent  
Crest Interpretation
Hi There, here some news from a Lofthus in Belgium of Norwegian origins (my father Jarle s. Lofthus is from Fauske Norway)

I simply LOVE your site, I am as you all seem te be, very proud of the Lofthus name. I especially was glad to find the crest, I've been looking a long time without any result.

The top desciption in not in French as it said in Lofthus Tidbits but in French and does mean Loyal to death.

The bottom description I like the most, as it describes myself and it means: take me as I am (prend moi tel que je suis) also in French.

I am going to be a regular visitor to your side, and will inform the rest of my family, as we all are very interested in our origins!!!

Randi Lofthus
Mary Loftus sent in a Certificate of the Ancient History of the Loftus name (English Heritage)
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