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Albert J.Wardwell
April 11, 1996


My name Albert J.Wardwell, I am the grandson of one PATRICK J. LOFTUS born in Charlestown MA in 1899. His family was large (4 boys 4 girls) I remember MATTY,SADIE,MARGARET,MAMIE.

He was a Colonel in the tranportation corp. (Army) out of south Boston.

He married VERA E. HAMILTON in 1935 in Brookline. They had three Children, (Patricia ann, John Martin and Sarah M. who is my mother).

My grandfather and his brother Matty operated Matty's Horseshoe tavern in Charlestown for many years and loaned their back room to John F.Kennedy for his campaign headquarters while running for congress.

They are both noted in the book “Johnny we hardly knew ye” by Dave Powers and another fellow who I don't remember. Dave Powers was the original curator (or whatever) of the J.F.K. Library.

My grandfather passed away in 1982 in Medway Ma., he is buried in the old calvary cemetary in West Roxbury ma.

Just thought I'd add my two cents!!!


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