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Alice Loftus
Archibald. Pennsylvania

Hi Duane!

My husband's paternal grandmother was Alice Loftus, born about 1880, (exact date unknown) in Archbald, Pennsylvania. She died 4 June 1960 in Clark Summit State Hospital, Clark Summit, Pa. at the age of 80.

Her parents were John (?) Loftus and Margaret Nealon. These names were taken from a copy of Alice's death certificate which was a bit hard to read. We're not sure if they were born in the U.S. or Ireland.

Alice married John T. Lyons, (born 4 June 1874 in New York City). He died 17 Feb. 1954 in Scranton, Pa. They are both buried in Achbald, Pa.
Alice and John Lyons had 6 children: Thomas R. born 1904, d: 1985 John M. born 1906, d: 1981 Loretta born 1907, d: 1954 (My father-in-law) Richard J. born 1915, d: 1988 Francis A. born 1916

John M. and Loretta never married. They are both buried in Archbald, Pa. Although I haven't checked on all of the siblings, my father-in-law was baptized at Saint Thomas Acquinas Catholic Church in Archbald. The church secretary said she could find no record of Alice being baptized there nor could she find a marriage record.

Also, I am trying to find any brothers or sisters of Alice. If there is anyone out there who may have information I would be extremely grateful.

My e-mail address is: I was sent to your site by Patrick Daley of Buffalo, New York and I am so pleased to make your acquaintance.

What a fantastic web site! Keep up the wonderful work. It is deeply appreciated.

Judy Lyons, Texas

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