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Anne Loftus

I am endeavouring to research the Tottenham name and have found that Sir Charles Tottenham married Anne Loftus of Loftus Hall in County Wexford. Have also been told that Sir Charles may have been the first Marquess of Ely. Sir Charles owned an estate called Tottenham Hall but later gave it to his eldest son. I saw a video (a very poor copy) of a film about the ghost of Loftus Hall where it told the story of Anne, daughter of Sir Charles and his wife, Anne.

Is there anything in your records that maybe able to help me piece my tree together. I know there was a Samuel Tottenham in New York and that his children emmigrated to Tasmania and then out here to New Zealand. Some of the Tottenham children of today still carry the Loftus name as a second christian name. Hoping you can help me.

Yours faithfully
Shyrlee Ryder

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