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Anthony Loftus

Hi Duane:

I just checked out Loftus Registry page today, and how exciting. My mother was a Loftus and I'm trying to find out any info. I can about her grandfather, ANTHONY LOFTUS. My mother had told me that she believed he was born in Cork. I' ve done research through the branch of the National Archives in Chicago and through my grandfather's birth certificate.

I think he was born about 1837. I'm not sure what year he came to this country, but from other documents I have researched, it looks as if he applied for U.S. citizenship in Philadelphia in 1857.

He settled in Chicago, Illinois. He lived at 511 N. Halsted Street. According to the 1900 census his children were still living at this address in Chicago, Illinois during that census.

He married Mary Daughtery. They had five children (I believe all children were born in Chicago):

ANNIE (b. March 1872) (married William Kempton) ANTHONY (b. March 1875)
PATRICK HENRY (my grandfather) (b. Feb. 1879). Married Theresa GAVIN.
They had three daughters (Mary, Lucille and Annette (my mom)).
FRANK (b. Oct. 1884)
MICHAEL (b. ?)

ANTHONY LOFTUS and his wife MARY are buried in Calvary Cemetary in Evanston, IL (suburb of Chicago).

Hope this information isn't too convoluted. Maybe I can make a “link” with some other Loftus relations.

Thanks for any help.
I can be reached at

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