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Barrie Loftus
February 1997

Hello Duane,

Here's another Loftus falling out of the family tree!

My name is Barrie and I live in Norfolk, England. I was born in Manchester, England in 1944 and have four brothers and two sisters. I don't think my parents had TV in those days!

I have been trying to research my family tree. On my mother's side (Peak) I had little trouble but on my father's side I soon became stuck at my grandfather. His name was Matthew and he lived in Gorton, Manchester. He must have died in about 1921-22 in Manchester.

I understand he came from County Mayo (where else?) but can find no record of him anywhere. He married Martha Davenport and had (I believe) 10 children. After he died Martha remarried a man called Brett (surname) and had a further 11 children. I suppose it was one way of keeping warm! I was told that Brett was also Irish but I know nothing else about him.

Anyhow, thanks for the page, it came as a very pleasant surprise.


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