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Barry Loftus

i was taking a break from my college studies,really just chancing my arm on google by typing in loftus too see what happened!little did i know that i would come accross a well organised wealth of information!

Firstly i must congradulate you on the site,i cant get over the amount of loftus's there are,and who all seem to have originated from where i was born and bread.i think our family is linked to a sean mor loftus he was supposed to be the first loftus to come to the area of crossmolina.

My grandad made an audio tape before he died explaining where the family originated,and i have a booklet at home from lofthus in norway where we are all supposed to have originated from.

You might find the websites of and very interesting, thats if you have not come accross them already.

Well done again, and feel free to e mail me

Barry Loftus.

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