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Bob Coe
April 11, 1996

Howdy Duane (and Loftus clan):

Greetings from the Canadian west. I'm Bob Coe, 61, semi-retired career radio broadcaster, tv writer/producer/director/host; genealogist, etc. Paternal granny, Marion Josephine Loftus, born Oct 15, 1885 at Rinbrock, Mayo, Ireland and died at Whiterock, B.C., Canada, left little information about herself other than the above (except her death date/place).

A telegram found among her belongings lead to acquisition of a death certificate for Patric Loftus who died, age 73, at Snohomish County Hospital, Washington state, May 19, 1931. It identifies his birthplace as Swinford, County Mayo, Ireland, to Martin & Katherine (Murphy) Loftus.

I have extensive family history on my Coe (Ely, Cambridgeshire, England) and maternal Telemark, Norway ancestry but zilch, beyond what I've already stated on the Loftus clan. Ah, not quite true; I have an extensive Canadian descendancy from Marion Josephine (Loftus) Coe and additional background about Pat & Thomas Loftus in Seattle, circa 1900 and Marion J's marriage and life at Green Lake, Seattle 1903 and later. Add me to your lofty list of Loftus searchers and I'll look forward to their leading questions and learned responses.

Bob Coe

UPDATE: November 3, 1996

Just scanned your latest and certainly expanded website. It's grown a lot since I first scanned it last winter. Definitely has to be some Loftus bloodline directly connected to my grandmother Marion Josephine (Loftus) Coe born Nov 18, 1885 at Rinbrack, between Foxford and Swinford, Co. Mayo to Patrick and Mary (Clarke) Loftus.

I'd like to compare notes with other Loftuses, especially those in/from California who may be descendants of Marion's two brothers and sister. Marion died at Whiterock, B.C., Canada, April 20, 1966. Her dad, Pat died May 19th, 1931 at Snohomish County Hospital, Monroe, Washington.

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