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Capt. William Loftus circa 1778


I was looking at your site and saw the inquiry about a miniature of Capt. William Loftus circa 1778. I can't help on this but Capt. William Loftus (1832-96) was my great great grandfather. He was a sea captain and subsequently the proprietor of the Minerva Hotel, Hull. I have several photos which I think may be of him. He was the captain of the Trevelyan on which my great grandmother (Minna) was born in San Francisco Bay in 1874. I was 25 when she died and so knew her well - also her half brother, Ernest Achey Loftus (1884 - 1987) who you will find in the Guiness Book of Records.

The Loftus name ended with Minna in our branch of the family (she married Sam Booth, her cousin) but I attach a family tree which may be of interest for you.

If you have any photos of Capt Loftus, I would be very pleased to see them in the hope of verifying the photos I have.

Regards Richard Dent

Link to Family Tree

ps - although this is a Yorkshire branch of the Loftus clan, I have been in Glasgow for nearly 50 years.

pps - this branch may be upstarts - as you see, the first two generations are LoftHOUSEs.

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