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My name is John Murray and I quickly and humbly apologise for not being John Lofthus. (Ignore my version of the spelling. It just seems right but I have no way of knowing if it is since I am far from my friends and relations in a foreign country called England where the natives are friendly but unfamiliar with my interests.) When I was growing up in Roscommon in Ireland in the early 1960s, my aunt used to warn me that I should never go out without lights on my bike or Judge Paki (Patrick) Lofthus would get me and the shame to the family would be immeasurable. My aunt's mother was Catherine Lofthus from Killala in Mayo. What is fascinating about your site is that the same localities keep coming up with your contacts across the world. There was and probably still is a family of Lofthus in Kilala full of doctors and judges and teachers.

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