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CATHERINE LOFTUS - Missouri 1850's

CATHERINE LOFTUS – who would be my great great grandmother – was born in Missouri. We don’t have any information on her date of birth or her parents, but she must have been born between 1850 and 1865. Apparently, her family had traveled west in a covered wagon – we don’t know why – does anyone know what led the Loftus’s to Missouri in the early 1800’s? Somehow when she was a young child, her parents were killed or died. The rumor is that they were killed by Indians, but I don’t know how true that is.

She was sent back east to New Jersey – possibly in the Bloomfield/Kearny/Orange area. We don’t know if she was sent to live with family or friends – we are guessing family, but we don’t know who raised her and we don’t know if there are any other siblings.

She married a JAMES BUSILL in New Jersey, born 1852 – died 1922. We know nothing about his parents either, though he had a sister, HANNAH BUSILL, who married into the TULLY family. Catherine and James had two children – FRANCES and ALICIA. Frances is my great grandmother and she married FREDERICK WILLIAM CORDING and they moved to Brooklyn, NY.

No other Loftus’s appear in the family tree information that I have so far.

There is another connection to the story that I am trying to explore. We have long heard that we are related to MAJOR GENERAL PHILIP KEARNEY, who died in the war of Chantilly in 1862 – we don’t know how. But now according to Michael Nichol’s family story there is a connection between the names Kearney and Loftus in Missouri. And our Catherine Loftus was sent back to live in New Jersey, in the area many generations of Kearney’s lived in.

I am hoping that if someone still has older Loftus relatives in Missouri or New Jersey, this story might ring a bell?

Thanks for all your help,
Luanne Houck in Maryland

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