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Catherine Louise Loftus
May 12, 1996

Yo Duane-

What kind of an Irish name is Duane? Okay, Okay, at least your relatives share the names that I've seen all over an old cemetery full of Loftus'. I think they only knew how to spell Edward, Patrick, John and Mike! Toss in a few Francis' and Thomas' for good measure.

My brother John and I have started our own little encampment of Loftus in the Seattle area. Elizabeth Loftus is the only other famous one out here. She says her name is her husbands fault. Have you read her writings (University of Washington memory study expert), I may have, but I've forgotten them!

My name is Catherine Louise Loftus (10/10/59). Born in Minnesota, youngest of 5 children. My father was raised in a small town that claims to be the only Kilkenny in the US. That was where I tromped through that old cemetery, listening to my Dad's anecdotes about the brawls his uncles had with the local sheriff. His dad got that sheriff's daughter in a family way, thus my branch of the family!

We're not horribly into breeding, so we're not leaving any male children to carry on the name. But it always was a tough one to spell over the phone anyway… “F like in Frank, S like in Sam.” Sound familiar?

Good luck on your mission to learn more about us. John actually is one of those “cousins into genealogy.” Maybe he'll type at you if he's in the mood. Writing is a hobby we all share.


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