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Clay Novak

My name is Clay Novak. My mother's maiden name is Loftus. Her father was Edward Lawrence Loftus. He was born in the USA (first generation) on 28 May 1918 in Chicago. I don't know much about his family history right now. Unfortunately, he passed away before I got interested in the family history. From what I have been told, his father (if not his mother also) came from somewhere around County Cork. Stories have also been told that he was run out of his town because of some illegal doings (I don't know that for sure). I do know that my grandfather's older sister Agnes is still alive and living outside of Chicago. He also had another sister named Katherine (everyone called her Kit) that was alive when I was growing up. My grandmother is also still alive (Clara Loftus) and my mother Patricia and her sister Katherine are also living in Illinois. If you have any leads for me to go with, I'd appreciate it. Thanks.

All The Way! CPT Clay E. Novak

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