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 +**Daniel James Loftus**
 +Loftus Oration Cup in Irish Parliament
 +My name is Daniel James Loftus, the son of James Thomas Loftus of Detroit. I grew up in Newark, Ohio and moved to Portland Or. in 1978.
 +I work in a glass factory and make stained glass windows from the scraps I bring home. Right now I'm working on a 23"by 60" sun. From what I was told as a kid my branch of Lofti got off the train from Ellis Island in Lebanon, Pa.
 +From the library research I've done the Loftus coat-of arms was three boar's heads,later split with an archer on the right side.
 +There is a Loftus cup for oration in the Irish Parliament
 +I'll write again later.Bye!
 +Daniel Loftus
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