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David James Loftus
Norway - Lofthus-Loftus

I am a descendant of Lofthuses from Norway. Thorbjorn Lofthus, born 2/6/1827, and his wife Anne Hoveland, born 12/19/1830, were born in Telemarken, Norway, and immigrated to the United States in 1868, according to research by the spouse of one of their grandsons – Audrey Stanfield Loftus of Eugene, Oregon, who has lived in Fairbanks, Alaska, Coos Bay, Oregon, and currently resides in Kirkland, Washington.

Of their eight children, the sixth, John Tom Lofthus, born in 1/21/1869 and died in 11/18/1943, is a great-grandfather of mine. I believe he resided in Tomahawk, Wisconsin, where all his children were born, including my grandfather Arthur William Loftus and his brothers Jule and Theodore, who all went to Alaska in the 1920s.

I have some information on the descendants of John Tom Lofthuses siblings, which include Ole Lofthus, who married Berta Berg; Ragnhild (Rena) Lofthus, who married Hans Johnson; Soren “Sam” Lofthus, who married Signe Carlson; Gunhild “Jenny” Lofthus, who married Herman Anderson; and Anne Lofthus, who married Julius Johnson.

I don't know where most of these people lived or live today – probably Wisconsin and elsewhere in the Midwest – and my information is 25 years old. I'm sure there have been quite a few births and a handful of deaths since it was gathered. I would love to hear from Lofthuses, Loftuses, or Rebnes, Moats, Dobbs, Johnsons, Gundersons, Sathers, Poppys, Zimers, Solbergs, Martis, Morongs, Kuklas, Harengs, Stolts, Seversons, Andersons, Theobalds, Lathams, Swains, Browns, Crandells, Buechells, Burrells, and Bronsteds who appear on my family tree or are related to them.

Lofthus, Norway, is a lovely town, by the way. Edvard Grieg used to summer there – you can visit his cottage – and composed a lot of his music there.

Most of the Loftus descendants in my John Tom Loftus branch have settled in Oregon and Alaska. Besides Loftus, their names are Younger, McNaughton, Kirkwood, and Wiegert. The Toby A. Loftus who posted a note on this page's Loftus Bulletin Board is my younger brother.

David James Loftus

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