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David Thomas - /ID /USA


Hello, I just returned from Ireland where I visited Rathfarnham while on a business trip with Harley-Davidson. According to my records Adam Loftus 1533-1605 is my 13th great gg. The ladies at the castle said you may be able to help me. Here is what I have so far: Adam Loftus 1533-1605/Dudley Loftus 1561-1616/Anne Lettita Loftus 1606-1633/Elizabeth Parsons 1632-1686/Elizabeth Worsop 1656-1741/Elizabeth Woods 1682-1745/ is when the family came to America. My concern is the Parsons to Worsop line? I didn’t get a chance to visit Birr and the Birr Castle (Parsons) although they told me that one of the Parsons had been there several hours before I arrived. Any help you can render would be appreciated.

Best Regards,

David Thomas

Boise Idaho USA

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