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Dean Newell
New Zealand

Dear Duane

Well I didn't see entries from anybody in New Zealand so I may well be the first. I am not a LOFTUS but in my amateurish attempts at genealogy I have discovered the name. With the LOFTUS in question coming from County Mayo there may well be some connection. Here is my ancestoral trail as I understand it, hope it doesn't bore you to death.

NEWELL, Dean Anthony (Me) born New Zealand 1969

Married to Andrea, two sons James (2) and Joshua (9 months), good catholic family.
son of
NEWELL, Peter John
born New Zealand 1945

Married to Dawn, three children, Dean, Larissa and Seamus.
son of
NEWELL, Wilfred Thomas born New Zealand 1907

Married to Rose, four children, Patricia, Peter, Susan and Philip
son of
NEWELL, John born Barrany, Annaghdown, County Galway, Ireland, 1861
BURKE, Mary Ann Agatha, born Green Hills, Bluff, New Zealand, 1864
daughter of
BURKE, James born ?, 1862
LOFTUS, Hannah born, County Mayo, Ireland, 1828
daughter of
LOFTUS, Thomas
WALSH, Catherine

So after all that if you can understand it, the name LOFTUS does appear. If there is no connection, what the hell, it was interesting reading your page.

Best wishes to all in the northern hemisphere that read this.

Should anyone wish to e-mail me please ensure that my name appears in the subject column if using this address. Or e-mail me at
Dean Newell, Taupo, New Zealand

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