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Diane Isobel Loftus (Broughton)
Andrew Loftus married Helen Delaney in the 1920s in Scotland

They had several children, the second eldest of whom was my father, John McGrain Loftus born in Edinburgh on 9 November 1926

On June 30 1956 in St Giles Cathedral, Edinburgh Scotland he married Isobel Dick Findlay (born 16 October 1932). Both still alive and well as at 3 November 2003 and living in Edinburgh, Scotland.

On 18 May 1957 in Edinburgh they were delivered of a bouncing baby daughter (me) They named me Diane Isobel Loftus.

On 22 April 1959 in Edinburgh they were delivered of a second bouncing baby daughter. They named her Yvonne Elizabeth Loftus.

On 21 October 1961 they were delivered of a bouncing baby boy. He was named Stuart John Loftus.

On 7 July 1984 Yvonne Elizabeth Loftus married Dennis Coleman (born 13 December 1953.) at South Leith Parish Church, Edinburgh. They have two daughters, Nicola Louise Coleman (born 12 August 1986) and Jenifer Carolyn Coleman (born 15 December 1988) both in Edinburgh, Scotland where the family still live

On 11 March 1985 Stuart John Loftus married Pamela Janet Sneddon in Fareham in England.

They have two sons, Neil Stuart Loftus born in England on 9 March 1994 and Scott James Loftus born in England on 23 October 1995. They now live in Worcester, England. Stuart has recently retired from the Army after twenty two years as an electronics engineer.

On 24 May 1986 Diane Isobel Loftus married Alistair Scott Thomas (born 6 November 1962) at St Michael’s Parish Church, Slateford Road, Edinburgh. They were separated seven years later and then divorced.

On 2 November 1999 Diane Isobel Thomas (nee Loftus) married Stephen Broughton (born 14 November 1963) in Bally’s Hotel Chapel, Las Vegas Boulevard in Las Vegas, Nevada. They presently live in Edinburgh, Scotland.

I hope that this is a useful addition to the Loftus web. I have countless cousins in Scotland and three somewhere in Canada (their mother was Cecilia Loftus, one of my father’s many sisters).

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