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Diane Loftus Mas

April 11, 1996


Since Loftuses seem to be few and far between I was thrilled to see this web site and will offer the limited family history I have to share. I am Diane Loftus Mas, daughter of Norman Stewart Loftus and Constance (Socha) Loftus of Belchertown, MA. I have a brother, Ronald Norman Loftus (married to Anne (Gallagher) Loftus), and a sister, Barbara Loftus Nelson (married to Dana Nelson). My grandfather, Francis P. Loftus (also known as “Pat” and “Frank”) was born in Scranton, PA in 1898 and died in Belchertown, MA in 1980. He was one of 7 children and his siblings were Gerald (1892-1976), Mary (1891-1986), Martha (1890-1972), Michael (1887?-1890?), Anne (1885-1967), and Margaret (1883-1965).

My great grandparents on my grandfather's side were Frank Loftus (10/18/1854 - 8/12/1926) and Anne (Moran) Loftus (8/21/1856 - 5/14/1946). They were married on 11/10/1882. I beleive that they were married in Scranton and lived there the remainder of their lives. My great grandfther Frank was one of 7 children. His siblings were Nora, Bridget, Mary, Katherine, John, and Michael. Some or all of them may have been born in Scranton, PA. However, my great-great grandparents were both Loftuses (!) and were married in Brunswick, NJ. According to (very sketchy) family records, Michael Loftus and Anne (Loftus) Loftus were from Dublin, Ireland and were married in NJ before moving to Scranton.

I would welcome hearing from any of the Loftuses, especially those from the Scranton, PA area that might be connected to my great grandparents. Please feel free to email me at


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