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William Henry Loftus

My name is Donna Aigner Palcsak. My mother was Catherine Sue Loftus Aigner. Her father, William Henry Loftus first lived in Henderson, KY and later Princeton, Ky. He and my grandmother Minerva had 4 children, John Bethel, Donald Cameron, Cleonia and my mother Catherine Sue. My parents were in Crossmolina about 30 years ago and found some distant relatives but I have lost all the information about them. The other relatives I remember were mother's cousins, Jimmy and Joby Loftus who also lived in Princeton. I think their mother was named Ethel. Mother was born in 1913 - I don't know when my grandfather was born. My sister and I would like to go to Crossmolina and find our relatives. If anyone out there is related to us, please let me know. I now live in Columbus, Ohio and my sister, Deanne lives in Worcester, MA.

Thank you,
Donna Aigner Palcsak

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