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Elizabeth Dempsey

I am attaching for you my family tree to date. Your website actually connected us to a cousin who had passed away in Australia, James Patrick Frakell. As a result, we were able to start our family tree.

The two Loftus' in the family are Hannah Loftus and Maria Loftus, who are my great grandmother and great Aunt respectively. Their father was Payne (no first name) and if you have any information regarding this side, please let me know. Payne married Hanorah (no last name) in Feakel, Ireland in or about the 1800's.

Apparently, Hannah Loftus (my great grandmother whose father was James Loftus) had a great grandfather named Adam Loftus. He was supposedly the first Provost of the Trinity College in Dublin, Archbishop Dublin or Armagh; Lord Chancellor under Queen Elizabeth I. These are her notes, don't know if this helps.That is all we have. Thanks to your website, we have made contact with numerous people in our family whom we have never known. It has been great.

Sincerely Elizabeth Dempsey.

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