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Elizabeth Kerr

I am looking for descendants of my grandfather Herman Lofthus, and his wife Ragna Sieverson,who came here from, I believe Bergen, Norway late 1800s or 1899? They setteled in hibbings, minn., but later moved to minneapolis, im not sure of the date of Hermans death. My fathers name was Richard olsen lofthus, he had two sisters, Golda and Thora, i believe he had a brother Rolf. My father, Richard was a marine in ww 2 in the pacific. He studied on a art scholarship at ecole des beaux arts, in parit, before outbreak of war. I was born 3-2-41 in minneapolis,minn. mothers name was margaret thornberry.

Hope to hear from any lofthuses from minnesota or wherever. i know i have dozens of cousins, but after my parents divorced, 1952, in auburn, ind. i lost contact, which was not very much to begin with.

My father, went by the name Olsen, Loftus, and Lofthus possibly. He was a marine in WW 2, served in the pacific, he was 27 years old, after the war he came home to Chicago, and worked I believe for the Buzza Co. a greeting card company. In 1950 or 51 we moved to Auburn, Ind. where we lived for three years, he was art director for the greeting card company whose name I cant recall. He painted murals commissioned for the Office of Procurement, Wash.D.C. I have pictures of them, and I would love to find out if they still exist. I think they were spectacular paintings, but you know some of the old murals were painted over or disposed of as time went on. They were for the Dept. of Treasury I believe. Many years later I lived with him in Glen Ellyn for a short time, having moved there from S.F. with my son David, Lurie. After that I lost touch with him, Im sorry to say there was a misunderstanding. I moved to Chicago and the last time I talked to him was in 1972, on the phone, to tell him of the birth of my son, Jonathan Kerr. He had a heart attack , although he was still working as art director, for a company in Chicago, cant recall the name. Im afraid he must have died not too long after the address I recall is Dawn Ave. In Glen Ellyn, he had some friends of the G.E. police force. His wifes name was Leslie.

I think my father died in 1973, in Glen Ellyn, Ill. He was an artist and worked as art director of a major greeting card co. in Chicago, Ill. Not sure of the name, his (third) wifes name was Leslie, they lived at 430 Dawn Ave. in Glen Ellyn. Hope to hear from somebody. Also he was a marine in WW2 stationed in the Pacific (Tokyo) he was then 27 years old , and was known as the old man.

I recently read that many Norwegian Lofthuses, came to Ireland and over the centuries became the Irish Loftuses. I never thought there was any connection, but that is going back many centuries. Did you ever get the feeling, from just looking at various people, that you had a gut feeling that they looked so familiar to you? Im talking about alot of people I have met here in Chicago, who are in that category. I really cant claim to be Irish descent. (catholic) my Grandfather was an Orangeman, from Castle Caulfield, his name was David Thornberry. He was Dean of the Cathedral in Laramie, Wyo. about 1910? I was told he went to Kenyon College. His children were David Ritchie, Elizabeth (Coughlin) and my Mother Margaret (Peggy) Loftus,(Olsen) who was my mother. My Uncle David Ritchie, was the Episcopal Bishop of Wyoming, and the arch deacon of s. ohio in the 1950's. My grandfather was a somewhat reticent person, who did not talk too much of his past, but as I have gotten older, I think his childhood , in County Mayo? must have been of such a nature that he did not want to talk about it. He did mention a favorite sister, Eliza or Elizabeth, but as for his family over there I have no idea. Ive been told he worked in the steel mills in Pennsylvania to save money to go school in this country. the best memory I have of him, His last house in Birmingham, Mich. was that he loved his garden and that it was so so beautiful that people would slow down, in their cars to take a look at it. It was at Southfield Rd. Birlmingham, Mich. His in laws the Hulberts lived across the street, at 680 Brown St. My grandmother, his wife, was Frances Odin Hulbert. I spent alot of time with them as a child.

Hope somebody can give me some news.

Elizabeth Kerr

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