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Elizabeth Loftus - Ireland

My Grandmother was Elizabeth LOFTUS, daughter of William LOFTUS and Sarah ? from Ireland. They settled in New York state.

I am still working on this, but this is all I have: William Loftus and Sarah (unknown) came from Ireland, County (unknown). They emigrated from Ireland in year (unknown).

Their eldest child, Elizabeth Loftus (my grandmother) was born in the state of New York in 1854. She had a brother John, also born in New York state.

William, Sarah, Elizabeth and John moved to Hubbardston, MI before April, 1873. William and Sarah had seven more children (Mary, James, Maggie, Michael, Peter, Catherine, and Jane) in Hubbardston.

Elizabeth Loftus married James Herald on April 28, 1873. She was 19. Elizabeth died on December 22, 1884. James Herald married Elizabeth's cousin, Mary Mahar, on November 26,1885. Mary Mahar was born in Carnew, Ireland, County Wicklow on July 25, 1862 Mary's parents were John Mahar and Eliz Peiepheir.

The first hypothesis for me to test is that William and Sarah also came from County Wicklow.


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