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Jim Mahony

My name is Jim Mahony. I was surfing for info on my family history when I came upon your pages. I just thought I'd let you know that way back in my family there was an Ellen Loftus who married Thomas Crafton, and had a daughter named Catherine (born 1820). If anyone in your family is connected to Ellen, I can provide a truckload of descendants. Ellen is my Great-Great-Great Grandmother.

Hope I can help,

p.s. - You might also want to know that my Great-Aunt Ellen (Mahony-Shooltz-Eickholdt not Ellen Loftus) who wrote a detailed history some 28 years ago, states that “Both the Crafton and Loftus families were of the First Families of Ireland”.

p.p.s. - I don't know if this will help you search your line in Ireland or not, but Aunt Ellen's History says that Catherine Crafton, daughter of Thomas and Ellen (Loftus) Crafton was born in County Mayo, Province of Cannaught.

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