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Franklin Michael Loftus

November 23, 1996

How goes it out there? My name is Frank Loftus (Franklin Michael Loftus), age 27, and I'm a 1LT in the U.S. Army currently stationed in Heidelberg, Germany with my wife Kelli, daughters Caitlin (10) and Carlee (4), and son Colby (1).

We're everywhere I guess. Of my minimal research I have also heard of roots stemming from the County of Mayo in Ireland.

My dad's name is William Michael Loftus (1938), he currently resides in Frederick, MD and is originally from Humboldt, Iowa. His mom and dad are Thomas Michael Loftus (died 1988) and Velva Loftus (still residing in Humboldt. He has seven brother and sisters; names - Leola, Patricia, Thomas, Michael, Larry, Joan, and Carla. Don't know the names of any relatives beyond that generation.

Shoot me a note anytime!


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