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Lofthus or Loftus of Norway - Canada

The Loftus (Lofthus) Family of Norway. (This family can be found on by Gary M Loftus)

Knut Hellekson Lofthus (Feb 27/ 1722 —1801) born in Veggli, Buskerud, Norway. He married Joran Stensdatter from Nore, Buskerud ( born in1746, died in 1801 in Rollag, Telemark, Norway.

Their son Nils Olson Landsverk Lofthus (1773-1850) married Viel Knutsdatter (1781- 1843). Their son Hellik Nilsson Lofthus was born on their farm on Dec 17/ 1816 at Rollag, Buskerud. Hellik later married Birgit Nilsdatter Kjomme (Oct 27/1823-1868).

Hellik and Birgit had one son Niels Helliksson Lofthus and three daughters- Viil “ Vine” Helliksson, Joran “Julia” Helliksson and Kjersti Helliksson.

The son of that marriage Niels Helliksson Lofthus was born in Numedal, Norway on July 28/ 1852.(my great grandfather). As a small boy, he, his sisters and parents migrated to the USA and settled in Wisconsin. There he lived until manhood and then he met and married the daughter of Claus Henderson( Margretha Brita). She was born on Nov 25/ 1860 at Christiana Twp,Dane County, Wisconsin. A few years after the marriage, they migrated in a covered wagon to Minnesota. There they started homesteading near Winger, south west of Fosston. Altho the farming was good, Niels saw the need for a milk processing plant, and for a number of years operated a creamery in Winger. In 1909 Niels died at the age of 57. How or why did he die?????

They had 10 children. Their names chronologically were Carl (Helmer) , Bernhardt (Ben) Martin and his twin sister Nellie, Gjertine (Tina), Albert, Nellie, Mabel, George and Edwin. Martin,s twin sister Nellie died of burns from a fire in the barn ( I was told a kerosene lamp got knocked over) she was 3 years old! The next daughter born after this tragedy was named Nellie too. In 1906 Helmer and Martin went to Brockington, Saskatchewan, in the Carrot River Valley Region and filled homesteads. Two years later Helmer froze to death while hunting moose in the wild forest area up north of their homestead. They found him laying against a tree. He got lost, tired and fell asleep against the tree, and froze. How good was your winter clothing in 1908 ???.

The following year (1909) their dad Niels passed away.( How??????) After the death of Helmer, Ben came up to Brockington to help Martin prepare the wayfor the rest of the family to join them. In 1911 Mother, Margretha sold the farm and single handedly moved the rest of the family to Brockington, Saskatchewan in the Carrot River Valley which is 18 miles north of Melfort.

After Margretha death on March 17- 1921, the family took the “ H” out of Lofthus.

Margretha, Martin, Helmer and many other family members are buried at The Carrot River Valley Lutheran Church in the district of Bagley.

Gjertine (Tina) was the only family member who did not come up to Brockington when the strong Matriarch brought the family in 1911. We (I)do not know why she stayed behind ??? And no one can tell me !!!. She was born May 2-1887 in Sletten, Polk, Minnesota, so she would have been 24 years old at that time. Did she have a boy friend?? got married? children? What happened with Gjertine Lofthus?

Thank you.
Gary Loftus
Calgary, Alberta

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