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Gerald Loftus

Would like you to put my search for great grandparents village in mulrany up on bulletin board. I know quite a lot and have been over in mayo the last couple of years but just cant quite pin down exactly which village in mulraney they came from.

G/grandparents patrick loftus 1840-1923approx farmer wed mary loftus /nee o:malley mulraney area. Grandparents 1867-1945 patrick loftus (mulraney ) wed 1865-1925 mary loftus/nee ruddy( currane) they were married in our lady star of the sea in Gerald Loftussaltcoats in scotland where they came over for the tattie howking before moving to glasgow and raising a family listed below.

helen loftus B 13/03/1894
mary loftus B7/10/1895 D20/10/1942
patrick loftus B 29/01/1898 D 28/08/1911
michael loftus B21/09/1899 D../09/1961
annie loftus B 01/02/1902 D../10/1964
john loftus B 12/06/1904 D ../051959
peter loftus (my dad) B ../../1907 D 04/26/1981

Now i realise this is the story of hundreds of irish familys who emigrated to scotland and elsewhere but i am convinced that when patrick came over to scotland he would have left his parents at home or at least a younger brother or sister to look after things at home,so it is my quest to find where his home was in mayo / mulraney. Now like a lot of you i should have asked my parents when they were alive but dad never talked about his dad due to his dad leaving the family home when his wife mary died of the TB in 1935 and he was looked after by his older sisters and brothers. Over the years i have managed to trace what happened to my grandfather patrick and it is not a nice tale but quite typical of the times. The family would see him from time to time when he was between jobs and not drinking and he was living in a down and out hostel in pitt st in glasgow. But he was to die in the poor house in edgfauld rd at the right old age of 78. I have only recently found their graves and i go there to pray for us all. I am a proud grandson of irish imigrants from co mayo and i will never forget my roots, so if there is anyone out there who thinks they can help me ,please get in touch.

The only other clue i have is that there was a very bad stutter among the male members of the loftus clan,my father had it and my cousin patsy in england has it.

My father peter was school jannie at holyrood in govanhill for thirty years and he was brought up in anderson in lancefield st by his married sister. I have my grandparents original wedding certificate from our lady star of the sea chuch in saltcoats (which is still there)1889 and it makes interesting reading. They are threatened on the certificate that for any false declaration the penalty is seven years transportation to van diemans land. Quite how they were expected to understand this as they couldnt read or write to understand what was on the certificate is beyond me. We were also related to the o'malleys from paisley.

Loftus seems to be an old irish name from co mayo and translates into gaellic as loughnain. It can be english as well as there is a village in yorkshire called loftus and an earl of loftus and of course loftus road where queens park rangers play Hope i havent gone on too long tom, please let me know if you put this up on board for me.

Sincerely yours,

Gerald loftus b30/12/1945.


I am sending below latest information i have on finding my g,grandads croft and reason why i couldnt find before.

As i stated i knew for a fact he had wed mary malley or o,malley, but the trail had went cold and i now believe that mary died and patrick remaried to bridgit mallowney and this is why nobody could help me at burrishoole and mulraney, perhaps they dont know that their great grandad had married again ,and as my grandfather patrick was allready away from home they named their first son a patrick also.

Below is the result of search i had done by my good friend dianne who found all this out for me.

Went thru the films ordered and think that I may have found the family. In Newport parish register I find children born to Pat Loftus & Mary Malley: Anne b 14 July 1870 Mary 12 Jun 1866 born in Rossgaliv townland. This is a stones throw from Mallaranny.

In 26 Jan 1877 Bridget is born to Pat & Br Mullowney - witnesses were Thomas & Bridget Loftus. In 1881 there was a Patrick born to this same couple. Both born in Rossgaliv.

In the 1901 census Rossgaliv:

Patrick Loftus 60yrs farmer
Bridget wife 50yrs
Mich son 22yrs
Patrick 20yrs
Maria 17yrs
John 15yrs
Peter 11yrs
Sarah 10yrs
Martin 8yrs (idiot, dumb)
Kate 5yrs

I believe Mary Malley died after 1870 (when Anne was born) and Patrick remarried Bridget Mullowney. I have heard it said that when children still lived in the home aft a parent remarried, they were sent away to live with a relative. If true, that may explain why Pat & Br had another Patrick living with them in 1901. I also note the name Peter in the family- a name that seems to be passed down the line.

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