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Greg Loftus

November 11, 1996


Great web page on the Loftus family name… I'd been here once before a few months ago, and was prompted to come again after recieving an e-mail from a Mark Loftus looking for Loftus sights (I gave him this URL).

I am a student at the University of Pennsylvania but am originally from Boston, MA, where my grandparents immigrated to from Connemara, Galway in I believe the 1920's… my aunt knows quite a bit about some of our ancestors native to Ireland, but it all escapes me now…

I was reading that you might be interested in setting up a sight with pictures of the Loftus family. I happen to be on a server at school with an unlimited disk quota, so if the idea is still in the air I have a sight that I can store a lot of images on.

I also have a Loftus Web Page for your list:

Loftus' unite!

Greg Loftus

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