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Gregory Lyon-Loftus

August 11, 1996


Born Gregory T. Loftus, I changed my name to Lyon-Loftus on the occasion of me wedding. One of the Greenbelt, Md. Loftus clan, I recently returned from a trip to Ennis Ireland where I met with Loftus family whom we believe to be related. In 1978 I visited Lofthus Norway and met the Loftus family there on their cherry orchard.

While in Ireland I visited the Genealogy center at the Limerick public library, selected a few references to Loftus and got more applications for additional assistance.

My father Joseph P Loftus his father Martin James Loftus of “Irish Hill” New York his father Patrick (I believe) whose missus was said to have washed her linens in the Shannon river before coming over to America.

more tidbits abound…

would love to climb on the merry-go-round with you

hope to hear


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