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Hannah Loftus - From John Dempsey

My great grandmother's name was Hannah Loftus. She was born in Ireland, I am not sure what county, but moved to Safford England with Frank Kelley in the late 1860's. There they married. Apparently Joseph had to move there, as one story goes, because he had a price on his head from the rebellion in 1868?

Once in England he changed his surname from Kelley to Frakell (combining Frank with Kelley.) So to did Hannah adopt the name of Frakell. They then had five children with the last name of Frakell–my Grandmother being Margret Frakell.

Frank Frakell then became a magician and travelled Europe with the Family performing. They then settled in Manchester England where they opened a store. After Frank died, Hannah and the family moved to Hamilton Ontario Canada. One of their sons, a John Frakell, joined the Canadian Army in WWI–with my grandfather, and fought in the trenches for the four years of the war.

I got to run– I will try to provide you more info. I do not have much information about Hannah Loftus in Ireland-that is to what county etc.. she lived in and the rest of the family.

John Dempsey

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