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Harold Prestridge

Afternoon All,

First let me thank you for having such a wonderful web site. Very informative and helpful in my research. I am a descendant of Adam Loftus and was glad to find dates of marriages, births and deaths on your page. My lineage is as follows:

1.Adam Loftus married to jane Purdon
2 Sir Dudley Loftus married to Anne Bagnall
3. Sir Adam Loftus married to jane Vaughn
4. Letitia Loftus married to Richard Parsons
5. Elizabeth Parsons married to Thomas Worshop
6. Elizabeth Worshop married to John Woods
7. Michael Woods married Mary Campbell
8. Magadelina Woods married Captain John McDowell
9. Sarah McDowell married to George Moffett
10. Mary Moffett married Joseph McDowell
11. John McDowell married Mary Mansfield Lewis
12. Dr. James Overton McDowell married Lavonia J. Wynn
13. John L. McDowell married Mozelle C. Roberts
14. Gretchen L McDowell m. Joseph E. Guerra
15. Gretchen D. Guerra m Harold L. Prestridge Sr.
16. (ME) Harold Leslie Prestridge Jr.

The Woods family is descendants from William the Conqueror. Sarah McDowell listed above can be traced back to the first Kings of Scotland (the Alpin) you can trace lots of European Kingship lineage at this site Discover Scotland: Kings & Queens or you might find more information about all of European Kings lineage at this site Directory of Royal Genealogical Data Hope this information is helpful to someone.

Best Regards to all my distant cousins,
Harold Prestridge, San Antonio, Texas USA

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