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Harry (Henry) T. Loftus


I’m a descendant of Harry (could be Henry) T. Loftus (Great Grandfather) who was born in 1869 in the Canada/NY region. His parents were James Loftus (born in England in 1835) and Mary O’Hara (born in Canada in 1844). Harry was killed in action in WW1 in 1918 in France when my grandfather was a child. His wife ( Rose E. “Nellie” Burdeno; DOB 1874 in Detroit, MI) remarried and my grandfather took his adoptive father’s name of Mason. Hope that helps. I’m curious to know if there is anyone in your web that knows of Loftus relatives that can take me a little further with my Loftus family roots. Attached is some information that my uncle found that may assist you including a Loftus Family Crest.

Chris Mason

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