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James Eldon Loftus, Sr.

December 11, 1996

Hi, there cousin, this is your cousin, James Eldon Loftus, Sr, son of Thomas E. Loftus and Anna Mae Alderson, remember me? Pat (my brother) and his wife Mitzi just happen to stumble onto your web site and boy are we excited about it. We have been wanting to set up our own home page, but we just haven't had the chance or software. You have some great information, I have information that can be added to it.

Did your dad give you any of the information I gave to him about your great-grandfather and grandmother: Thomas Loftus, b. 6/7/1832, Co. Mayo, Ireland; m. 1863 in Moorsidefold Eng; d. 8/4/1911, Durango, CO (NOTE: the picture you have on the Web of the great uncle's headstone, is the Woodsmen of America headstone, your great-grandparents are buried on either side of this stone); Brigete Mulderick, b. about 1834 in Co. Mayo, Ireland; d. 2/3/1896 in Durango, CO?

If you would like more information regarding the Loftus family from Thomas Loftus down to Patrick Loftus (your grandfather) and the other children of Thomas Loftus, we have all kinds of information.

One problem we have been researching and would like to put out there on the web is: we are searching for Patrick Loftus' first child by his first wife Azzie O'Neal. Patrick Loftus and Azzie O'Neal were married in Pine River, CO (now Bayfield, CO.) March 10, 1895, then they were married in the St, Columbo Catholic church in January of 1896, in Durango. We speculate that Brigete (Patrick's mother) insisted upon this ceremony for she died two months later.

We speculate that a child, most likely a son, was born before the second marriage in January 1896. Azzie O'Neal's father was Lunnie O'Neal and mother was Sarah McClellan, we believe they came from Indiana or Illinois. Sarah died Sept. 12, 1931 in Durango, but was buried in Danville, IL. The name was incorrectly spelled as ONIEL.

My dad, Thomas Loftus, remembered a man coming to the train station there in Raton, (sometime around 1936 or 1937, after he and mom were married) telling him he was his half-brother. Dad knew nothing about his dad's first marriage at that time and sent the man on his way for he thought he was someone just begging for money. When he found out about it a few years before his death, he always wondered if that man WAS his half-brother.

We have not been able to find any record of a birth occuring in the Pine River/Bayfield area. We can not find a death certificate on Azzie O'Neal Loftus in Colorado either. We have not tried IL as yet. We also could not find any divorce records in Durango for Patrick and Azzie.

James Eldon Loftus, Sr.

Note: Anyone with information on the above can EMAIL me. (Duane Loftus)

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