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 +Hi Loftus Registry,
 +My name is Jim Loftus my dad was from Attymass, County Mayo Ireland.
 +I am also a novelist if anyone is interest in a historic tale of Celtic Scotland: ​ https://​​Celtic-Blood-James-John-Loftus/​dp/​1461188792
 +I also have an interesting story that happened to me just the other day,  I was looking for an artist to do the cover of my new novel hopefully out next year and I came across a Declan Loftus. ​ I thought this bloke surely is Irish and I asked him where in Ireland he was from.  He replied, Attymass, County Mayo.  We are still trying to work out how we are related - we must be.
 +Anyway to all the other Loftus’s out there, best wishes.
 +James Loftus
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