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James Loftus

January 15, 1997


My name is James Loftus (I go by Jim), and I live in Clinton, Wash. (about 35 mi from Seattle). I'm an associate editor at ESPNET SportsZone, perhaps you've heard of us? My wife is Lisa, and our kids ae Meghan (8), Brennan (5) and Kellen (nearly 2). I can really only trace my branch of the Loftus tree back three generations:

* My father was John Joseph Loftus, born in Washington, D.C.; * My grandfather was John Alphonse (sp?) Loftus, who worked for the U.S. state department in the 40s and 50s, living in Paris, Rome and Bangkok, among others; his sister, Katherine P. Loftus, was a teacher in Brooklyn, N.Y., where she still lives. * My great-grandfather was John Joseph Loftus, who (I believe) was superintendent of public schools in New York City waaayyy back.

I was raised in California (in fact, you have my uncle Peter Loftus, artist, of Santa Cruz, CA, listed on your links page). Peter is my father's brother; the third brother in that family is Ronald Loftus, professor of Japanese language at Wilamette University in Salem, OR.

At one point, my great aunt (Katherine P. Loftus) tried to trace our tree, and I believe she came up with County Tyrone, although I might be mistaken. An Irish priest I met once said he thought it would be a bit north of there. Hmmm.

Thanks, and feel free to include my email address:

Jim Loftus

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