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James Pat Loftus, Jr.

May 14, 1996

Hello to all of US, I'm just getting started researching my family tree looks pretty big so far. A little about me, my name is James Pat Loftus Jr. I live in Akron, Ohio. I have two sons their names are Owen James Loftus & Patrick James Loftus they are both 4 years old , I have a brother and his name is Robert Allen Loftus he also has two son Jason Loftus & Josh Loftus.

All of the above were born and still live in Akron. Mine and Robert's father's name was James Pat Loftus he was born in Copperhill, Tennessee February–01–1918 died March-18-1970.

My grandfather died in March of 1952 a year before I was born so I didn't get to know him. His name was Steven Joseph Loftus he was born some were in Ireland on December-26-1878. he was brought to the United State as a baby some time in 1879. My dad use to tell us how lucky we are to be here at all because on the ship coming Steven got sick and the other people on the ship wanted to throw him overboard but his mother wouldn't let them. People use to do those kind of things!

Steven was a boiler-maker in Tennessee, before moving to Akron. Steven also served in the Spanish American War. Well that is all I have so far anything that anybody can add or any help they can give would be greatly appreciated.


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