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James Thomas Loftus


My name is Susan Sincoff and I am performing family research on my grandmother's father James Thomas Loftus. I saw your website and I'm hoping to see if your site can further assist me in my research. I have learned that my great-grandfather was born in Ireland (abt 1855) and that his parents were Laurence P. Loftus and Bridget Murray. I see a birth record on your site (contributed by a Peter Loftus) of a Thomas Loftus with the same parents. I am trying to uncover if this is the same family. I know of two other siblings that emigrated to the United States and I'm hoping to find a census or something which shows the parents and their children to validate this possibility. How can I post this information to the Loftus Website for assistance on this research?

Thank you in advance for your help on my quest!

Susan Sincoff

Connecticut, USA

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