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Janet Lindh Loftus

I am a Loftus by marriage. My name is Janet Lindh Loftus My husband is Charles John Loftus born in Yonkers. His grandfather Charles Raymond Loftus, Sr was born about 1892 in New York. He was married to Eva Mary Marshaw who was born about 1892 in New Jersey. They lived in Utica for awhile and moved to Yonkers

Their children are: Charles R. Loftus, Jr June Loftus Shirley Loftus (married name Casablana, spelling may be wrong). She was living in Yonkers in 1994. Thomas Loftus who was living in Yonker in 1994 Dorothy Loftus born about 1915 James Francis Loftus born Feb. 9, 1917 in Utica, NY married to Mary Helen Ray of Philadelphia. Parents of Charles John Loftus (my husband) and Donna Marie Loftus. James married a second time and lived in the Westchester, NY area. He died about 1982 Evelyn Loftus born about 1920 (married name Baccarri, again spelling may be wrong). She was living in Yonkers in 1994 George Loftus born October 4, 1924 in Yonkers, died June 28, 1994. He was living in Buffalo at the time. He was married to Jennie Starks. Children are George J, Robert, John and Patricia.

I would like to locate this family for my husband and his sister. Thanks for any assistance you can provide.


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