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Jay Loftus

May 13, 1996

Greetings from Tokyo……Ohayo Gozaimasu

I am Joseph M. Loftus Jr., born in Brooklyn in 1960 and now in Tokyo with my wife Regina (MacDonald) and four children, Jay Jay (Joseph III) b. 1/89, Regina Joan b. 10/90, Patrick James b. 10/93 and Alanna Rose b. 7/95.

I am the third of four children. Doreen, Colleen, Jay and Teddy (Edward B). My father, Joseph b. 1930, (wife Frances Forsyth )is the oldest of 7 children.-.Joseph, Rev. Thomas B. CSSR, Gerard, Helen, Michael, William and Daniel. My grandparents, Thomas Brendan and Mary Curley were married 2/9/29 in Brooklyn and celebrated 60 yrs of marriage before my grandmother passed away. Pop is still swinging at 93. Thomas b. 1903 in Scranton Pa. was one of eight children of Thomas b. 1870 also in Scranton also 1 of 8 children. My grandfathers siblings,all born in Scranton around 1900, are John ,Anna, Catherine, Margaret, Mary, Rita, and Elizabeth. We also descend from Daniel Loftus b. 1840 in Ireland.

Ohenjiwo omachi shite imasu

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