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Jean Loftus


My husband's name is Joseph Thomas Loftus. His father was Joseph Patrick Loftus, and his grandfather was Patrick Joseph Loftus. Patrick Joseph Loftus came over to PA from Ireland. My husband thinks he came from Dublin. Patrick Joseph Loftus was married to a woman named Mary Cannon. I know little else about the family at that early time.

My knowledge of his family is mainly of my husband's father's family. My husband's grandfather had Joseph Patrick, Eleanor, Veronica, Charles, and James. I am not sure, I may have forgotten someone.

No, of course all these children had children. I'm sorry, but I can't provide all their names because I don't know them. Of the few I do know, Charles's children were Eugene, Mary Beth, and young Charles. Veronica had children, but I know only the one, Joseph Gallagher who is married to Joan (?). James had children, but I only recall that one was named Bernadette.

My husband's siblings include Mary Teresa, then my husband Joseph Thomas, then Thomas James, then Francis.

Mary Teresa Loftus (deceased) had one daughter, Sandra Michelle who lives in KY.

Joe and I have four children, Joseph Thomas, Jr., Cynthia Jean Loftus, Susan Elise Loftus, and Patricia Loftus. We have ten grandchildren and one great grandchild. We live in Maryland.

Thomas James Loftus had three children, Thomas, David, and Karen. They all have children.

Francis Loftus had three children, Timothy, Christine Marie, and Pamela. They all have children.

My husband just came home and told me that the uncle (his father's brother) I missed was Frank (Francis) Loftus. Uncle Frank sent to school to be a priest, but changed his mind, later married a woman by the name of Hope (last name?) from the Northeast. They had one son, Michael. Michael is married and has children.

Jean Loftus

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