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Jennifer Loftus

Jennifer Loftus (me)
Wayne Loftus (my brother)
Donald W. Loftus (my father) born April 14, 1942 in Chicago, IL
Pamela K. Loftus birth name Bellinger (my mother) born May 2, 1944 in Witchita, KS
Joanne Loftus (Donald's sister)
Margaret Loftus (Donald's sister)
Sherrill Rapheal Loftus (Donald's father) - born Feb. 16, 1913 in Minonk, IL
Lorene (?) Loftus (Sherrill's sister)
Zelda (?) Loftus (Sherrill's sister)
Rapheal James Loftus - (Sherrill's father) born Feb. 17, 1893 in Minonk, IL (we think)
Joseph M. Loftus (Rapheal's brother) born 1884
Marie F. Loftus (Rapheal's sister) born 1898
John P. Loftus (Rapheal's sister) born 1869
Elizabeth S. Loftus (Rapheal's sister) born 1879
William Loftus (Rapheal's brother) born Sept. 16, 1871
Ella Loftus (Rapheal's sister) born 1876
Hannah Loftus (Rapheal's sister) born 1866
Patrick Loftus (Rapheal's father) - born March 18, 1839 in Ireland (possibly, don't know)

I'm not sure all of this is completely correct, but it should be close. These are all of the people born with the last name Loftus, I haven't included the people who married into the family, besides my mother. I can provide this info if someone wants it.

Okay, well thank you, hope I can make some links somewhere out there!

Jeni Loftus in Indiana

Runi Tone

(By the way, I'll drop a couple of pictures of Lofthus, Norway in the mail soon. It's a really gorgeous place, hope the pictures can convey that.)

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