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John A. Loftus

May 31, 1996

Hi! I'm John Loftus from Seattle, Washington, great-great grandson of Patrick Loftus of County Mayo. Which Patrick Loftus was that?, you may ask, and well you may. I'd like to know more, if possible. This I can tell you: According to his grave marker in St. Michael's Cemetery, near Kilkenny, Minnesota, Patrick Loftus was born in Co. Mayo in 1830.

He arrived in Hamilton, Ontario, in 1850; there he met and married Susanna Monaghan (b. Co. Down, 1832)and the two relocated to the Minnesota frontier in 1857, some five years before the well-known Sioux Uprising of 1862. They established a farm at Dora Lake, near the budding Irish enclave of Kilkenny, in a region of rolling green hills that is possibly reminiscent of Eire.

None of this branch of the Loftus family still reside in the Kilkenny area (population 175), but the remains of the farmstead along the shore of Lake Dora still stand, overgrown like a Mayan ruin. The descendents are scattered throughout the country. I can trace our subsequent direct line for any who are interested. Mainly, like many other American Loftus's, I am interested in learning more of our roots in Co. Mayo.

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