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John Griffin

August 30, 1996

My name is John Griffin, and I live near Sydney in the State of New South Wales, Australia. My Great, Great, Grandmother was Catherine Mary LOFTUS. Catherine was born in Sligo, Ireland c1821, her father being Anthony LOFTUS , a tailor by trade and her mother was Mary Catherine MAY. Catherine (Loftus) migrated to Australia about 1840 and married Henry Blackler in Sydney on the 30th June 1842. She died in Dubbo (a town in western NSW about 450Km west of Sydney) on the 24th October 1897 and was buried in the Dubbo Cemetery the next day. Catherine and Henry had 9 children. I have, at this stage in my research, been unable to ascertain if Catherine's parents or any of her brothers and sisters migrated to Australia. I really do not know if she indeed had any brothers or sisters. The Irish connection for this LOFTUS is; Sligo, county Sligo, Irish Republic. According to Bourks Peerage, Edward LOFTUS of Swinehead, County York, England had two sons one of whom moved to Ireland, along with his nephew c1516. Through a complicated hereditary process, a descendant LOFTUS progressed through the ranks of Viscount and earl to become the Marquis of ELY. The entry in the book is under ELY and is worth reading, it may throw some light on your Irish LOFTUS connection. Lord Augustus William Frederick Spencer LOFTUS, was the 4th son of the second Marquis of Ely, born on the 4th October 1817 at Clifford near Bristol, England. He entered the diplimatic service and after appointments to Berlin and St Petersburg he was appointed the Governor of the Colony of New South Wales (Australia) on the 4th August 1879, holding that office until 9th November 1885. Lord A.W.F.S. Loftus then returned to England where he was declared bankrupt in 1888, he died in Surry England on the 4th March 1909. According to family folklore my Great, Great, Grandmother, Catherine Mary Loftus, was related to Lord Loftus the Governor of NSW. So far I have not been able to establish this connection.

Here are some interesting facts and statistics surrounding the name Loftus in Australia:

1 There are 234 listed entries in the Australia Telephone Books. 2 In the state of NSW between 1788 and 1945 the following births, deaths and marriages have been recorded.

       1788-1888     1889-1918        1919-1945

Births 64 81 N/A
Deaths 40 42 49
Marriages 48 52 47

3. A street in the CBD of Sydney is named after Lord Loftus.vis. LOFTUS STREET. 4. A town, which is now a southern suburb of Sydney, is called LOFTUS.

These lists can be obtained, and mailed to you, if required.

John Griffin Email 93944276@student.hawkesbury.uws.EDU.AU

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