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John J. Fenton, 3rd

April 1997

i just stopped by your loftus page, and must say i like it. i haven't started to pursue my loftus line yet, but i have a decent foundation and am planning to move in that direction soon. looking through your inquires area, i didn't notice any means to submit, so image i send my request directly to you. here goes… john loftus b. ireland m. mary mcginnis b. ireland issue: ? (female) loftus m. miles lentz raymond i. loftus b. 03 jan 1898 in phila, pa d. 11 apr 1957 in phila, pa (a vaudevillian for the keith circuit & jc mack co; used stage name 'lynn', but later reverted to his own; entertained us troops in australia during ww2) m. 1)grace genevieve lynch b. 29 dec 1900 in phila, pa d. 13 mar 1976 in moutain view, ca issue: john francis 'jack' loftus b. 29 nov 1920 in phila, pa d. 16 dec 1987 in palo alto, ca m. catherine theresa kenny b. 24 jan 1925 in phila, pa d. 26 mar 1984 in phila, pa issue; maureen ellen loftus b. 12 apr 1943 in phila, pa (my mother) 2)mary ??? issue: nadine loftus lorraine loftus colleen loftus maureen loftus

if any of this looks familiar (or familial!) drop me a line.

thanks, john j. fenton, 3rd

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