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John Loftus

My name is Peter Walsh, which I know doesn't really fit in with the theme, but bear with me… I am looking for anyone who may have some information on members of the Loftus family who would have come over from County Mayo and eventually settled in Illinois.

Here is the information I have… John LOFTUS was born in (January?) 1819, probably near Wesport in County Mayo, IE. He married Honor (or Honore?) MCHALE who was born in (January?) 1820, also probably near Westport. I only know of one child, a girl named Frances. I believe Frances was also born near Westport and then travelled with her parents to the US (though it is possible that she later travelled to the US and brought them over subsequently, I really don't know. I do know that John died in 1869 near Riverton and Buffalo, IL. Honor died on June 30, 1893 in Buffalo, IL.

Frances married John CONLON (b, (January?) 1824 [this date seems horribly wrong, but it is what I have.] near Kiltimagh, County Mayo, IE / d. 1904 Riverton, IL) and had many children: Nell, Joe, Kate, Mary, John, Nora, Mark, Annie, William, Margaret, and Frances. Frances CONLON (the only child I have data for) was born December 12, 1865 on a farm near what is now 2500 E. Moffat Ave. in Springfield, IL. and died March 29, 1955 in an apartment in or near Springfield. Frances married Patrick Frank (Francis?) WALSH, born 1859, Castleroyan (near Kiltimagh), County Mayo, IE. died 1919 805 S. 8th St., Springfield, IL. Patrick was my great grandfather.

And there is my Loftus connection.

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