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John Loftus

April 1997


Just saw the Loftus home page. Interesting stuff.

Here's some more.

I am a third-generation Loftus. A great-grandfather, Anthony, came to America during the great famine of the mid-19th century. Men in the family line are named Edwin, Nelsen, Norman. Women named Gladys, Margaret.

Distinguishing physical characteristics for the men are hair that goes from blond to light brown with age, blue eyes, small chins, short stature (most are around 5 feet 6 inches tall unless that married into tall families), broad shoulders. Most are so white they're clear. Men also tend to age well (usually looking from 5-10 years younger than they really are) and live fairly long lives (well into 80s.)

My father's particular branch of the family is so odd that when I was about 7 years old (almost 40 years ago) he decided to sever all contact with them. I saw my Uncle Nelsen at my father's funeral more than 20 years later. According to talk I've heard since, the family adopted the name Lofthuus in Norway about 900-1,000 years ago. They came to Ireland to work as tax collectors for the Viking rulers of Dublin. When Anthony came to America, other family members came too. Some of them moved to upstate New York. Loftus is fairly common name around Albany. Others moved on to Australia in two separate voyages, one of which ended in a shipwreck.

The men tended to marry the whitest white women around, usually picking women of Irish or Scots descent. My father was ill-thought of because he married a first generation German-Hungarian. As fair-skinned as I am, I was considered dark to the other Loftuses.

Also, many of them allegedly have some mystical fascination with the number 5. Many are born in May or close by in April or June. Also alleged to me is that all Loftus men of my father's family somehow acquire five scars on their right hands. Hogwash, I always thought, but before I was 30, I had them.

What surprised me growing up was how common the name is. Loftuses were everywhere. When I went to high school, there was a John Loftus sitting in front of me in home room. A few years ago, when I was borrowing money for some home renovations, I had to sign a piece of paper in which I had to swear I wasn't another John Loftus who lived in the same little town that I do (population about 9,000) because that John Loftus had defaulted on some loans.

Hope this helps.

John Loftus,

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