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Joseph R. Loftus

August 10, 1996


My name is Joseph R. Loftus and I have been monitoring your site for several months now hoping to find a link with my side of the Loftus clan. I was alerted to your site by Diane Loftus Condrey and I apologize for not writing sooner. I currently live in outside of Nashville, TN but my family homeplace is Western Kentucky. I am married with two sons, Joseph Michael Loftus, and Jay Patrick Loftus.

My great-grandparents came to the USA from Crossmolina, CO Mayo in 1863 and settled in Henderson KY. Both were Loftus before they were married, with one's parents owning an estate and the other's parents workers on the estate. I cannot find out which were the owners and which were the workers. My great-grandfathers name was Martin Loftus and he married Anna Loftus. Supposedly after the marriage they were banished to the USA and entered the country at Stamford Conn. Martin's parents were John Loftus and Margaret Hubert. They had I believe eight children - William, Mary, Pat, Bessie, Michael, John, Peggy, and Martin.

Anna's parents were Hugh Loftus and Jane Dacy. I believe they had eight children - Maria, Delia, Anna, John, Barbara, Jane, Pat, and James Joseph. I do not have much information on this side of the family and think maybe this will be the most likely to find a connection. According to family records Anna's grandparents were Daniel Loftus and Mary Moran. They had six children - Hugh, Barbara, Cecilia, Bridget, Pat, and Johnny.

Hopefully this contact will open up some new leads into my Loftus heritage! I can be contacted either at my AOL address - or I currently have another email address of

Thanks, Duane for the informative site and good luck to all the Loftus family members trying to connect the lines.

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