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Kandis Loftus

August 1, 1996

Hello Fellow Loftus!!!! I was just minding my own business and cruisin' the ol' Info Highway and decided to do a search on my name to see if my Links got set up, and what do I find???? Well, The Loftus Family Registry, Of course! So, here I am, but I should warn you I'm not a “Real” Loftus, I married one! …but I do have kids so I guess that gives me some kinda in, doesn't it?? Anyway, The wonderful man I'm married to is named: Paul Loftus He is born and raised in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania. He is the son of Thomas Loftus Sr. and Louise Pechal Loftus. Thomas Loftus Sr. is the son of James Loftus and Mary Kearns Loftus and that's as far I have gone with his family tree.

It might also interest you to know that Paul has 7 sisters and 4 living brothers, 1 brother has passed away. We tried to do some detective work a few years back and managed to find out that his family did originate in Ireland. (They owned some type of shop, although neither of us can recall what it was) - and we know his name is a derivitive of the original - the original was lengthy and much different from the current spelling. Anyway, you've stirred my interest again, so I think I'll take a walk to the local library and check some old newspapers for obituaries. (I have the dates of death on his grandparents). Maybe I will dig up something interesting. (No pun intended!)

I'm also going to check on the names of his father's siblings. Oh yeah, We are planning a Loftus Family reunion for next year. It was intended for immediate family, (we hardly see each other anymore!), but maybe we'll be able to introduce soKandis Loftusme new cousins! Good Luck in your Search, I'll keep you posted if I find anything! Sincerely, Kandis Loftus Wilkes-Barre, PA Hi, It's me, Kandi, again! I noticed that you said there are not many Loftuses to be found in your area. Not so here! Loftus is a very popular name in the Wyoming Valley section of PA, not as big as “Smith” but we hold our own. Just thought you'd like to know!

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